Welcome to the 2017-2018 season of Meistersingers.  If you are new to our group, we hope you enjoy!

Our mission:

"Meistersingers is dedicated to excellence in the performance of choral music. To enrich our society, educate our communities, and develop our singers, we preserve the past, promote the present and foster the future of the choral art."

We are committed to continuing this path and expanding our influence in the music community through different means such as composition competitions and scholarships.  Our goal is to ensure the continued growth of the choral art.

Meistersingers, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) California corporation founded in 2000. Your tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated.

Christmas '17

"Best Christmas concert ever!!! Thank you!"    - Michael W.

"This choir is fantastic. Their Christmas concert was exceptionally wonderful!"    - Mary M.

Thank you to all who came to our Gifts of Christmas concerts.  We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did in performing the, for you. 

Folk Songs and Spirituals - Spring '18

A beautiful program of Irish songs and Spirituals. - Mary B.

Congratulations to Joey Krumbein for winning our $500 college scholarship!

 Annual Fundraiser - April 14

Thanks to all who continue to help support us!

Elementum - Summer 2018


Meistersingers will capture the forces of nature with repertoire as powerful as the elements themselves. Anchored by the passion of fire, the pulse of wind and water, and the power of the earth itself, this concert will be one for the ages! Composers such as Lauridsen, Whitacre, Taverner, Morley and others will bring the power of the elements to you through music. 


Sunday, June 10 @ 3:00PM

 St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church
18631 Chapel Lane, Huntington Beach








See our announcement regarding this year's participating choir in our high school outreach and college scholarship.  Click HERE.


Auditions for Meistersingers are typically held in late Spring or early Summer.  Keep in touch with this site for more details throughout the year.  Auditions are held by appointment only.  To schedule a time, please see our AUDITIONS page for more details and email us at director@meistersingers.org.

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