Beginnings...and where we're going

Meistersingers was formed in Orange County, California, in 2000 as a response to a growing demand for quality choral music performance.  Created to be a chamber ensemble specializing in demanding classical choral works, Meistersingers maintains high standards in literature and chooses outstanding performance venues with beauty and elegance equal to the music. 

Believing that choral music, the "first art", is one of the most profound resources for the elevation of the human spirit and committed to enriching community life, Meistersingers has always strived to offer inspiring and educational performances to the public.  The group is made up entirely of volunteers who make a commitment of time and effort rivaling that of the best ensembles in the country.  They are consistently rewarded with high praise from audiences and with four successful recordings to their credit, they are quickly becoming recognized as a major ensemble in the choral world.

Meistersingers, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Meistersingers is committed to continuing this path and expanding their influence in the music community through different means such as composition competitions and scholarships.  Our goal is to ensure the continued growth of the choral art. 

Meistersingers Board of Directors:

Founder and Artistic Director                           Brian Dehn

Board Chair                                                         David Guido

Vice Chair                                                            David Abend

Treasurer                                                             Bill Worsley

Secretary                                                             Jennifer Power

Executive Director                                              Barbara Worsley

Marketing                                                             Jerry Bartucciotto

At Large                                                                Yoko Bulman